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Gridview Sorting Problem

When you bind a List to a Gridview, you can not sort it, because your data source is not a Dataset, Dataview or DataTable. So you should convert your data source (List) to a Dataset for example.

You can do it such as following code:

    1 public static DataSet dsSearch()
    2 {
    4     DataTable dtTelcoCenter = new DataTable();
    5     dtTelcoCenter.Columns.Add("Id", typeof(int));
    6     dtTelcoCenter.Columns.Add("City", typeof(string));
    7     dtTelcoCenter.Columns.Add("Capacity", typeof(int));
    9     IList<Telco> telcoCenter = Search(centerName, Prefix);// Search method return a list
   12     foreach (Telco telco in telcoCenter)
   13     {
   14         DataRow rowTelcoCenter = dtTelcoCenter.NewRow();
   15         rowTelcoCenter["Id"] = telco.Id;
   16         rowTelcoCenter["City"] = telco.City;
   17         rowTelcoCenter["Capacity"] = telco.Capacity;
   18         dtTelcoCenter.Rows.Add(rowTelcoCenter);
   19     }
   20     DataSet dsTelcoCenter = new DataSet();
   21     dsTelcoCenter.Tables.Add(dtTelcoCenter);
   22     return dsTelcoCenter;
   23 }

You can bind this Dataset to your Gridview data source


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Parameter Sniffing

Sometimes maybe you find out your SP (Store Procedure) doesn't response in reasonable time despite Select statement, which you used in that SP, has good performance and result is shown you immediately. What's wrong with your SP?
There are different answers for that problem but when I faced on this problem, I realized it's strongly related to Parameter Sniffing.

You can solve Parameter Sniffing easily with follow this example:
If you have a SP such as GetOrderForCustomers that has Parameter Sniffing issue:

Create procedure GetOrderForCustomers (@CustID Varchar (20))
Select * from orders
Where customerid = @CustID

To solve problem you should change your SP similar:

Create procedure GetOrderForCustomers (@CustID Varchar (20))
Declare@LocCustID Varchar (20)
Set @LocCustID = @CustID
Select * from orders
Where customerid = @LocCustID

Good luck.

How can you save a MS Office file into a database?

If you want to save a MS Office document such as 
Word doc in a database, you can do it with the 
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